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GPFYC 015: Visualizing Your Story, Create The Script And Turn It Into A Mind Movie You’ll Love

GPFYC 015: Visualizing Your Story, Create The Script And Turn It Into A Mind Movie You’ll Love



If you had to create a visual representation of your journey as a creative entrepreneur what it be? Would it be a comedy? Maybe a drama or a horror movie? Or would it be an action adventure or perhaps even a sci-fi flick?

Whatever it is YOU and you alone are the writer, director and camera person of your life movie! Unfortunately the problem many of us as entrepreneurs face is not always feeling in control of our experiences, or least our responses to them and as a result many of us fall into the “less than desirable” movie genres.

On today’s podcast it’s my intention to inspire you to take control back by providing you with some fun – and I think pretty cool tools designed to shift your focus and reignite your passion not only towards creating not only a business, but a lifestyle that you truly love.

In the show notes featured below you’ll find links to three free to low cost tools to turn your visual story into a magnificent mind movie!

But before I do that first let me tell you what inspired the episode.

Recently Facebook added a really cool feature called “A Look Back” an automated video slide show presentation set to melodic music sharing visual highlights of your journey as a user on the platform. Side note: If you’re a Facebook user and would like to create your own visit the link below provided in the show notes.

After I created my video and viewed it several times it got me thinking about my own entrepreneurial journey. I was reminded of the milestones I’ve reached over the past six years like getting my book to #1 on Amazon.  The amazing clients I’ve had the joy to work with, the photos I’ve taken, and of course all of the wonderful comments, likes and shares on my posts.

It was very reflective to see my life (or at least my life on Facebook) flashed across the screen in 60 seconds reminding me of my accomplishments.

So I thought it be fun to encourage you to do something similar, again if you’re a Facebook user click on the “A Look Back” link and press play to see what comes up for you both on the movie and the images the program selects. Another side note: you can change the images if you don’t like what Facebook selects.

Afterward – and this was super important for me, notice how you feel after you view the completed video and ask yourself:

  • Am I happy with what I’ve accomplished so far?

  • What images would reflect the experiences I would like to add to my next video?

  • What “next steps”can I take to make this my reality?

As always I love to conclude each podcast episode with next step action steps to help you get focused quickly by placing physical energy on your dreams. Here are some additional resources I discovered that will support you in creating visual mind movies of your goals and lifes ambitions.

Show Note Resources:

Facebook Look Back:

Again, if you just want to play with this idea and you’re currently a Facebook user check out this cool resource. You’ll literally create a movie and have the ability to share it on your FB timeline using the content you’ve already uploaded to the platform in less than 10 seconds.


If you want to go a little deeper and play even further I recommend Animoto. It’s essentially the exact same service as “Facebook Lookback” but Animoto allows you many more options of music and longer video run times if you upgrade to the paid service.

Additional Notes: If you decide to upgrade your free account to the pay plan it’s only $5 a month or $30 a year, once you do you’ll have access to their library of over 600 plus songs or you can upload your own, you also have the option to upload your own photos or video clips if you desire.

Otherwise with the free service you’re limited to a 30 second clip allowing you to upload about nine to ten images, add a few text captions and select a 30 second audio clip from their library.

In my opinion the videos look great! I created a sample mind movie to illustrate my passion for luxury travel. Have a look and let me know what you think in the comments, I really do care 🙂

World Travel Mind Movie 2

Speaking of sharing, after you create your video the site offers social share feature in case you want to share your creation with the world on all of the social media platforms or you can embed it on your blog like what I’ve done.


If you’re ready to go even further and make something really custom you might want to check out these guys out.

Side note: I’ve not used their product so I can’t vouch for their quality or service, but I’ve known of them for about four years and they seem to have some really cool features like a podcast, how to training videos designed to help you create your exciting Mind Movies, as well as several endorsements from teachers of “The Secret”.

Please note: This is a paid service $97 dollars (please note I’m not affiliated with the company in anyway so if you decide to purchase anything I’m not receiving a commission)

If this topic has peaked your curiosity and you’d like to explore further on your own, perhaps do some additional self study on the power of your mind you might want to explore the following books:

– Instructions For Happiness and Success by Susie Pearl

– Creative Visualization Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Your Life by Shakti Gawain

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