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GPFYC 016: Get Started With Google+ Hangouts With Debbie Horovitch

GPFYC 016: Get Started With Google+ Hangouts With Debbie Horovitch


Debbie Horovitch is a social media consultant, speaker, trainer and author of the upcoming book Celebrity Hangouts on Air, which shows people how to use Google’s newest video chat tool, to create a series of themed video chat shows that attract celebrity guests, build unlimited audience, and generate sponsor revenue, all while meeting specific business objectives.

On episode 016 of the podcast Debbie talks about the power of Google+ Hangouts and how they can be used to rapidly grow your audience, create authentic engagement, and dramatically expand your media reach. And the best part it’s a totally free platform and as you will learn on the podcast one you shouldn’t ignore.

She has just opened up a limited number of memberships within the Celebrity Hangouts on Air community, where you can take the training that I’ve taken!, participate or volunteer to work on other Hangouts on Air shows and even post your own shows upcoming to share in the Celebrity Hangouts on Air awareness & exposure.

Debbie’s Get Started Tips:

  1. When planning your Google+ Hangouts On Air think, “How can I angle my story to fit in with a conversation that already exists?”

  2. You can prepare for your first hangout by watching other people’s hangouts

  3. To find those hangout go the google search and type in your keywords plus the word hangouts and see what comes up. Example: “your subject + hangouts”

  4. Also go to: and enter your keywords in the search field and explore the results

  5. Visit the links you locate and note on how they produce their hangouts for example, do they have guests or is it a single host show? What topics did they talk about? Was the topic interesting? What kind of interaction or engagement did they have? Was the video hangout embedded on the hosts blog or website or did you watch on Youtube for example?

  6. How could you expand on the topic further?

  7. How would you do yours differently? What new value could you bring to viewers? How could you fill a hole that exists in the marketplace?

  8. Ask yourself how can I create show that I wished existed but cannot yet find?

  9. Search for experts (book authors are perfect for this by the way) that have a book that aligns with the subject of your hangout and invite them to be a guest on your hangout.

  10. Create a calendar for future shows you plan to produce so when potential guests inquire about being a guest you have an offering of multiple dates to propose to them.

Show Highlights:

32:56 – Debbie gives listeners a fantastic idea for creating authentic customer engagement for a Los Angeles based cupcake shop owner that you could model in your business.

37:49 – Get an amazing tip on how to distribute your Google+ Hangouts to other bloggers and content producers even while your show is being broadcast live!

43:46 – Learn how to pre-schedule your Google Hangouts On Air and why you want to do this for your pre-marketing efforts. Producers note: (Please accept my apology for the paper rustling at this point in the podcast)

47:45 – Why using Youtube Annotations is a great way to generate leads, create a list and grow your audience for future hangouts. To learn how to do this watch the training video by Youtube Marketing Expert James Wedmore.

49:33 – Why capturing leads is crucial if you want to grow your audience and the tool Debbie and I both use Leadpages

51:12 – The big ah-ha moment Debbie had that’s totally changed her business, and why you must attention if you’re entrepreneur doing business online in 2014!

56:35 – How to multi-purpose your past hangouts to attract new audiences and capture new leads

1:00:40 – Why it’s important to book future guests well in advance of recording your hangout so you have more time to market your show

1:03:44 – Debbie’s walks listeners through how they can get more with her newly launched membership community for upcoming Hangout On Air producers!

How to Add External Links to your Google Hangouts+ Youtube videos with Video Marketing Expert – James Wedmore. Direct Link:


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Experts featured on the show:
Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch co-authors  APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur: How To Publish A Book and one of Debbie’s first celebrity guest on her Authors and Publishers Google+ OnAir Hangout –

Sandi Krakowski – Digital Marketing Expert – How To Build Culture Online Using Online Video:

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Debbie’s Gift: Quick Start Guide Get Your Google+ Hangouts On Air In An Instant!

Debbie’s Training:
To learn more about Debbie’s training program and Google+ Hangout Community

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